Zero Japan designer Koji Inoue

Zero Japan was established by Koji Inoue in 1992. Before that he worked for a major Japanese porcelain manufacturer where he could not develop his creativity. The original name of his own company was Beehouse. This was changed in October 2006 into Zero Japan. Zero, because Inoue had to start his company from scratch.

In designing the teapot Inoue was driven by the Japanese strife for balance. All had to be perfect: looks, functionality and feel. The products are meant to be used on a daily basis. Enjoy their beauty, their functionality and how they feel every time you use them!

The teapot has a fresh, modern design without frills. All elements are proportionally right. The round shapes soften the clear-cut lines. The eye is automatically attracted by the harmony of the teapot. 

Zero Japan products come in attractive, fresh and clear colours. The single colour makes it easy to match them with other cups and plates with patterns. Use them to brighten up the rest of your tableware!

The nicely shaped handle is designed in such a way that your fingers will not touch the hot teapot when lifting it or when pouring tea. The spout has a special design and allows the tea to leave the pot in a tidy flow. 

The stainless steel lid gives the pot a modern image. It is clipped onto the pot so it will not fall off. Stuck with several teapots without lid, it was Inoue's mother who requested him to create a teapot of which the lid would not break. 

The pot can be handled with one hand: The lid can be opened with the thumb of the hand holding the pot. When putting the tealeaves in the pot, the lid can stand open. The lid is easily removed for thorough cleaning. Lids are universal for all Zero Japan teapots, are replaceable and can be ordered separately. 

Another feature is the infuser. More and more people are discovering the wonderful taste of leaf tea. However, it is often considered too much trouble to use leaves instead of bags. After brewing the tea the infuser can be easily removed from the pot, but it may also be left inside after pouring the tea. This is ideal in the case of Japanese and Chinese tea which can be used for several infusions. These teas would turn bitter if left in the liquid, but the infuser prevents this. 

The infuser is wide and deep so the leaves can fully unfold and release their flavour and aroma. Using the infuser results in a richer tea compared to using fillable teabags. The stainless steel infuser has no impact on the flavour of the tea. 

The infuser is easy to clean. Lift the infuser out of the pot, simply throw the leaves away and rinse it under running water.

The glaze of the Zero Japan teapots is strong and smooth. It feels great to touch. The pots have been completely glazed, except for the Japanese style kikko crackle. In this style the bottom part of the pot or cup is left uncovered. 

The pots and cups are made of stoneware, which is baked at a much higher temperature and which is much stronger than earthenware. Except for the pots with a crackle glaze or special glaze like antique silver and gold, all products can be washed in a dish washer.