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Premium Kukicha 50 g

Japanese highest grade kukicha 50 grams

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Kukicha 50 g

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Kukicha consists of the stalks and a small part of the tea leaves. This high grade is also called karigane in Japan. The liquid of kukicha is lighter than that of regular sencha and is an easy tea for first-time green tea drinkers. It is a refreshing tea, good to drink in the afternoon to reenergize. The stalks contain a lot of amino acids, which accounts for the sweet flavour.

Packing: 50 grams in a vacuum packed aluminum PE-coated Japanese silver bag

Water temperature: 80°C. Use 2-3 g per cup. Infuse for 1 min. Pour all tea till the last drop so you can make a good second round with the same tea leaves.