Organic Ceremonial Matcha 5 star 25 g View full size

Organic Ceremonial Matcha 5 star 25 g

Miyako Tea highest grade organic ceremonial matcha

  • 25 grams

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An organically produced, top quality matcha from Uji, the oldest tea area of Japan, pure and sweet in taste. Matcha is the stone-ground green tea powder made of the best quality, shadow-grown tea.

The tealeaves are covered with straw mats four to six weeks prior to harvesting. This induces the plant to produce more chlorophyll (green colour!) and amino acids. The more amino acids the leaves contain, the sweeter and tastier the tea. The leaves are picked by hand, only once per year. The tealeaves are then steamed and dried, after which the stems and veins are removed. The result of this is called tencha. Finally, this tencha is ground into matcha. Nowadays this is done by electrical stone mills, in a clean-room, but still each mill grinds only 30 g per hour, as slow grinding gives the best results regarding taste and colour.

Our Uji matcha is produced by Shohokuen, a company that has been producing tea since 1645. They were appointed as supplier to the imperial court in 1915. They produce matcha in various qualities, from high to top quality. The higher the quality the fuller and richer the flavour, and the creamier the foam. 

Preparation:  Rinse the chawan (tea bowl for matcha) with boiling water before preparing the tea, to clean and to warm it. Sift the matcha, and put 1-2 teaspoons of matcha in a cup and gently pour 80 cc of 80°C water on it. Mix water and tea with a chasen (bamboo whisk) by whisking in "W" movements till a fine foam appears. Lift up the chasen from the tea in a spiral movement from the center of the chawan, to spread the foam evenly over the tea. Drink in a few sips.